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  • Vilnius Temperature
    City Sounds In Temperature

  • logo designed by Andrius Januta
  • 2011 summer. Me and my friend Andrius Januta started a project called Vilnius Temperature. 

    We started shooting various musicians in open Vilnius streets. They were performing live.

    This is the first clip we shoot.

  • Our concept is to show and identificate each band with the temperature which was during the shoot.

  • Our main concern is to make artists visible in Lithuania. Back then, all bands were from Lithuania.
  • 2011 summer end. Edgaras Kordiukovas, an independent cinematographer, joined our team.
  • And in 2011 autumn we were invited to present project in global conference called TEDxVilnius 2011.

    This was first recognition for us.

    We made a presentation with our friends "Garbanotas Bosistas".

  • 2012 winter. Martynas Butkevičius, an independent production manager, joined our team. He was the founder of a new project called Vilnius Temperature On Stage. 

  • logo designed by Augustinas Paukštė
  • Vilnius Temperature On Stage is project which provides special concerts in Vilnius with artists who had appeared in Vilnius Temperature videos.

    Vilnius Temperature On Stage main concern is to support musicians and give them space to realize theirself as an performing artists.

    People can donate money during the concert. All money is given to an artist.

  • collaboration with Tomas Markevičius
  • 2012 spring. Vilnius Temperature made first international step. We had opportunity to shoot Gus Gus from Iceland.

  • Today, we are still shooting all sort of musicians and we are open for collaborations.
  • Vilnius Temperature team:

    Saulius Baradinskas - founder/producer
    Andrius Januta - co-founder/art director
    Edgaras Kordiukovas - camera operator
    Martynas Butkevičius - production management
  • Vilnius Temperature is non profit video blog.
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