Vilnius Birdie

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  • Vilnius Birdie
    AD McCann Erickson Vilnius
  • Art Director - Ignas Kozlovas
    Copywriter - Kotryna Sokolovaitė
    Illustrator - Karolis Strautniekas (TAPE)
    Designer - Ignas Kozlovas
    Creative Director - Jonas Valatkevičius

    As badminton usedto be quite popular in the past and is somehow a vintage mystery in modernLithuania, we decided to use this fact for the promotion of the 1st amateurtournament of the sport in Vilnius. We picked up a Lithuanian writer from thebeginning of XX century and paired her with our current President. Like that,with the help of a shuttlecock and a pair of racquettes, put in thesurroundings of the square that the tournament will take place in, the pastconnects to the modern times.