Vila de Gràcia – Lettering

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  • Vila de Gràcia
    Lettering design project
  • This school project consisted into the design of a custom lettering for Gràcia, one of the most fascinating districts of Barcelona.
    The final result is a combination of calligraphy and typography design.

    Elisava - Escuela Superior del Diseño de Barcelona
    Mudic - Master Universitario en Diseño y Comunicación
    Typography and Calligraphy
    Professors: Andreu Balius y Oriol Miró
    Academic year: 2011/2012
  • Reference: Phaeton Typeface

    Phaeton Typeface was chosen as the started point for creating the word Gràcia, the main part of the proyect.
    The proportions and aesthetics of this font reflect in a certain way the district's appearence, simple but punctuated by the grace of the modernist style. Actually the result consists into a restyling of the beginning font.
  • Typographical sketches and project
  • Calligraphic sketches
  • Final composition: Calligraphy + Typography