• Promotional Video | The Project Relay LLC | 2012
    Responsible for creative direction, campaign strategy, project management, and stakeholder communication.
  • Documentation of Video Installation | The Attic | New York, USA | 2011
    This video was projected onto a wall adjacent a wall I deconstructed. The Attic discusses ideas of the mind in relation to philosophical concepts of subjective realities, as well as contrasting notions of imagination, delusion, and invention. The human typing experiences a struggle with the computer's auto-correction tool – and the installation allows the viewer to reconsider their own perception of the physical space (for instance, that deconstruction is perhaps synonymous with construction), as well as engage or disengage from the actual text written to them by another human. This project was exhibited in an interactive group show, entitled Instinct - An Art Encounter, in Brooklyn, NY (2012).
    Text, video, editing and installation by Aderyn J. Wood
  • Video Stills | Longitude, Latitude | Rome, Italy | 2011
    41° 54 N 12° 27 E (Rome, Italy, 2011)
    Interview I - Sense of Place: Geography
    Interview II - Sense of Place: Self
    Interview III - Sense of Place: Self as Artist
    Script, video, and editing by Aderyn J. Wood