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Mobile website for Nickelodeon
Summary:Nickelodeon hired my team to develop the user experience strategy and design oftheir new mobile site. The biggest challenge was that the mobile presence hadto be a hybrid of their newly launched native app and their .com website. Theywanted the “feel” of a native app but the content access and speed of theirwebsite. It was a huge ask. Working with my best mobile and design talent, weset out to create the most fun and usable mobile site in the space. We inviteda bunch of 8-year-olds to the office for our brainstorm to understand not onlyhow they use the iOS and Android devices, but also how and why they accesscontent. The result is an extremely intuitive mobile site that will entertain eventhose 8-year-olds with the shortest of attention spans. The site launches in December 2012.
My Role:
- mobile strategy and oversight
- creative strategy, design and direction
- ux direction