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Embroidery on silk
When I'm thinking of you

The silk is streched between wooden frames and the needlework is done on it. Later, these frames are placed on a wooden stand with several grooves so that the frames could be positioned one preceding the other. A light box (with homogeneous light) is behind the needlework, which enables better visibility of the whole composition. 

Pulling the thread, stich by stich, reflects the time dedicated to the illusion of the contact with fictitious and real people. In my work, this contact is portrayed through the overlapping figures without actual interaction and allows the viewer to have his/hers own associations. The motif of a hero in the piece appears as an aspiration for a protector, who guards the weak, esspecially women. A man and a women are estranged in their relationship, both phisically and mentally devoid of any closeness. This is about a desire for an ideal, which prevents the characters from connecting on the level of reality. The lack of close relationship stresses the alienation of contemporary man and the feeling of loneliness which is often felt in the modern world.