Vestel "MAESTRO"

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    "MAESTRO" is a music player which allows you to create, arrange, listen your own rhythms
    and you can also use it as a voice recorder and as a karaoke device.
    Maestro allows you to deliver interactıve music experience with the gyroscope sensors inside.
    If you move it to the left or to the right side it wıll give you different tones wıth pre-selected instruments like guıtar, drum, piano and much more.
    Furthermore you can move it up or down there by it will give you different effects like distortion, pan, pitch, and other options that user selects.

    With the assist of a smartphone it is possible to make changes and edit this samples. Users can create their own unique musics and through the karaoke mode they can express their own style on desired songs. With the air-play feature "Maestro" allows you to transfer your audio output to other speakers and headphones which are supported by the air-play feature. In this way "MAESTRO" saves you from the cable problems. The charge-dock of "Maestro" provides you to make faster data-transfer and also it creates an elegant view when MAESTRO is in charge mode.