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    Consumer Electronics for Kitchen
"Vestel Assist" is my degree project which is created with the collaboration of Vestel Electronics and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Industrial Product Design. 
"Assist" is prototyped by Vestel Electronics and chosen to be shown in International Consumer Electronics Fair, IFA Berlin 2011.
The basic idea of this project was to create a kitchen centered home with smart kitchen appliances and systems connected with each other. The connections are made to make appliances communicate with one another for which customizable product family, specialized kitchen counter and built in kitchen appliances need to be designed.
The device offers features like food information, recipes and data sharing, imaging, communication, audio system, etc. It is a blend of various technologies that work together to take charge of overall kitchen activities. The main product of Assist; the touchscreen which looks like a simple screen but the main controller of the system, stays fixed to its charging module with the help of magnets hidden under its surface. Apart from the specialists, those who just don’t know how to work their way around a kitchen, Vestel Assist can make life easy for them by placing them in the lap of convenience.
The system with the appliance family is designed considering mass customization.
Prototype photos taken in Consumer Electronics Fair, IFA Berlin 2011.
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