Vertice: Chaise longue

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  • Vertice: Chaise Longue
     Group members: Andrea Buhmann, Patrick Crowe Rishworth, Jodie Meadows, Atsushi Yamada, Rhea Hopkinson and Myself

    Vertice offers an understanding of relaxation within a space. Inhabitants see contrast between it's potential for excitement, drastic movement and resonating sound. It's softer side; relaxation, stability and gentle settling hum. The want for a space that is able to be passive or active, private or social, sharp or soft is answered with Vertice. It is a space which reflects and responds to the mood to those dwelling within it.was a second year industrial design group project. The brief challenged us to design and create a chaise longue that challenged the aspect of comfort. Our chaise longue in particular addressed the aspect of comfort through a cradle-like design. The chaise encompassed the user in a rigid steel cage designed and fabricated using mild steel rod shaped into a decagon shape to allow the user to sit the chaise in various positions.
  • Process:
  • Sketches that I contributed to the project.
  • Investigating ergonomics
  • Sketch model + ergonomics experimentation
  • Bending and welding the steel rod together. Patrick and I worked on the full scale model while the others did documentation work and the smaller scale model version.
  • Studio photos: