• The translation of Verteer is:
    1. Take (food, drink, or another substance) into the body by swallowing or absorbing it.
    2. Absorb (information).
  • Verteer is a concept proposal for a restaurant.
    A restaurant surrounding the celebration of life and the passing of a close loved one. 
    It is all about rituals, love and saying your final goodbye.

    Taking in your lost loved one.
    The images shown below are a small part of the process book.
    In this book we go in depth about our choices surrounding Verteer.
  • Verteer group & Concept: 
    Ak Jansen
    Alexandros Kotoulas
    Kayleigh Smetsers
    Kirsten Boers 
    Manon van Hoeckel
    Wout Wolf Stoucken 
    Camera: Kayleigh Smetsers
    Screenwriter: Kayleigh Smetsers
    Editor: Kayleigh Smetsers
    Lights: Ak Jansen
    Paperboy: Wout Wolf Stroucken
    1st Assistant on set: Kirsten Boers
    Text: Kayleigh Smetsers
    Graphic: Kayleigh Smetsers
    Input: Verteer group
    Bas Berends
    Erik van de Wijdeven
    Hanneke Wetzer
    Jaap van der Schaaf
    Jeroen van de Gruiter
    Mia Ventin
    Sarah Lapin
    Zane Priede
    In collaboration with:
    Design Academy Eindhoven | Food Pilot