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  • My Venus
  • These are drawings / paintings That Are Part of the album "Venus".
    This album is the exclusive concept of Rich.
    Called like that Because I 've this drawings are born for a girl who has dazzled myeyes and these designs are all for her.

    The album is under construction, continue to visit it Because it will add a lot ofdrawings

    Under Each picture will be there in the reference to the size of the drawing.

    Good view at all.
  • "Shyness Venus" RichBlood drawing made ​​with pencil and watercolor on paper.

     2011-2012 17 x 20 cm
  • "The Beauty" Rich blood drawing made with pencil on paper
    2011-2012 17 x 20 cm
  • "my baby" rich blood drawing made with pancil on paper
    2011 - 2012   17 x 20 cm
  • "Venus pt.2" RichBlood drawing made ​​with pen on paper version.

    2011-2012 21 x 29.7 cm
  • "Venus" RichBlood drawing made ​​with pencil on paper technique.

    2011-2012 21 x 29.7 cm
  • "for her"