Venues Menus identity & directory

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  • Venues Menus identity design
    Logo and publication template for a food directory.

    Everything Slight Pepper was commissioned to develop a branding system and publication focused on the island's burgeoning food industry. The core imagery used in the development of this brand is a conversation box which is used as a container for the wordmark and as graphic tool within the publication. Creative direction also included scripting the tone of the copy and art direction for the photography.
  • Venues Menus Trinidad Stationery set: Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Caricature Style Sample: Chef Khalid Mohammed, brainchild behind Chaud Restaurant
    Venues Menus magazine template
    Design features at a glance
    Convenient, portable pocket-size (7"W x 5"H), colour-coded pages sorted by food type, 'insider tips’ provided by the restaurants, written in the voice of the savvy Trinibagonian, full-colour photography and quirky illustrations.
    Trinidad and Tobago’s food is as diverse as its people, with influences from Indian, African, Chinese, French, Middle-eastern and many other cultures. Venues Menus is a free distribution publication that has taken on the task of visiting, studying and learning everything there is to know about eating, drinking and liming in T&T. The brand imagery, informal tone of the copy, use of caricatures and layout style are geared towards providing an entertaining and easy to navigate experience.
  • Venues Menus Media Kit: 7"W x 5"H, doublesided card set 
  • TEAM
    Creative Director / Graphic Artist: Jeunanne Alkins
    Character Illustration: James Hackett
    Copy: Rosemarie Hadeed
    Venue Photography: Kerron Riley
    Media Kit Food Photography: Peter Lim Choy
    Portfolio Photograhy: Peter Lim Choy; Studio: Butch Lim Choy