• Venture 36
  • Venture36 is an outdoor live art exhibition that doubles as a social experiment. The exhibition gives audiences a chance to view the artist as art is made, as opposed to just receiving the final work. Over 36 hours, the artists will exhaust their creativity and their bodies to complete their works within the time frame.

  • Marketing Strategies

    To appeal to the city of Melbourne, young at heart, the event will be free for audiences. The artists will
    be given the opportunity to sell their final works through a blind auction process and it is entirely up to
    them to decide what the work will be worth.

    Throughout the duration of the Venture 36 we will be selling branded t-shirts and eco-cups. The
    perceived value of the shirts will be $15, at the lower end of the scale, to appeal to our student
    audiences. The eco-cups represent a quirky reference to Melbourne’s coffee culture and the probably
    need our artists will have for caffeine throughout the event.

    The restaurant and bar precinct near Queensbridge Square gives us the opportunity to promote
    the event with the support of these local businesses, and gives them the opportunity to promote
    themselves through the project. We are looking into using these businesses to cater for our artists
    and volunteers. We have, so far, secured sponsorship from Coffee Cart, a coffee retailer who will set
    up throughout the duration of the project to sell drinks and our branded eco-cups. The terms of our
    sponsorship agreement specify that Coffee Cart’s logo will appear on all advertising documentation.

    Advertising materials include Posters, Flyers and Stickers. These materials will be strategically placed
    in cultural bars, coffee shops, galleries, universities, tourist information booths and high traffic areas in
    the CBD. A media release will be printed in the MX and Beat Magazine, securing wide spread advertising
    for our event. We hope to gain the support of local media, featuring the event on the popular news
    television show; The Project.

    Social Media
    Venture36 has already taken advantage of Twitter, BlogSpot, YouTube and Facebook to attract the
    online community for the lead up, duration of and aftermath of the event. We post regular updates,
    videos, short interviews and artist quotes. A live webcam will stream throughout, so Venture36 can be
    viewed by anyone, anywhere.
    Venture36 is an innovative 36 hour live art exhibition brought to you by a diverse group of young artists
    who are interested in exposing Melbourne’s young art talent to a diverse audience. Due to its placement
    on the always busy Southbank Boulevard, the exhibition will never be quiet, and will also be constantly
    updated online for pedestrian audiences to keep track of when they return to their homes.
    To promote the event we have a video trailer, promotional products such as t-shirts and eco-coffee cups
    and sponsorship from Coffee Cart. We have flyers, stickers and posters and constant online promotion
    via our Facebook, YouTube and BlogSpot sites.
    The artists involved are new to the visual art scene and are keen to make their mark with the help of this
    challenging and unforgettable opportunity.

    The City of Melbourne will be home to a unique, artistic project which will have audiences across the
    globe appreciating the steps Melbourne takes to be a cut above the rest. The event will be viewable
    long after the 36 hours have occurred through various online platforms, where photos, videos and artist
    journals will be uploaded.
    Venture36 has the potential to become an annual project, introducing new and unique artists to the city
    of Melbourne each year, to witness their creative processes and watch, captivated as we wonder what
    will come next.