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A graff in a rent-a-birthday-club for kids.


A graff in a rent-a-birthday-club for kids.
Are graffiti work for PDP convention .
I work with my wall partner Dirty Betsy.
Photography by frogs and flies.

Mural for "Srpski Pokret Obnove"-political party.
3x7 m. Spray on wall.
With Dirty Betsy.
Photos & much more by Frogs & flies.

Mural with Dirthy Betsy:
"Letters are suits of big city walls, don't strip them."
Wildstyle that I've made really long ago
Mrak klub 2012.
It is a klub for kids.
Free wallpaper for kids
Great time in Novi Knezevac.
Swimming. Beer. Music. Sun. Sweat. Friends. Graffiti. → Great.
Friends from Belgrade & I was asked to paint Tisa riverside as part of the project “Young one rules”. I came up with this sailor-walrus. 
Mural for Gym in Pančevo.