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These are various identities I've created over the years.
Aaron Scott is an Award-Winning Branding
and Logo Designer in Boston
I create branding and logo design that is authentic to your business, attractive to your audience, and self-evident to your associates.
This is a collection of identities I've designed over the years. Some are freelance projects, others were created while working at design firms (noted below).

You can view additional branding work on my website:
Kestrel is a new general aviation Turbo Prop manufacturer lead by the aviation visionary Alan Klapmeier of Cirrus Aircraft fame. 
I created this identity for the award-winning branding agency I previously founded, Leap.
Paperless press is an online greeting card company making digital stationary feel personal and bespoke. 
------ Created at Weymouth Design ------

Masterpiece is the luxury division of GMAC realty. 
----- Created at Monahan-Rhee -----

Presidential Campaign mark.
------ Created at Monahan-Rhee -----

Rapid 7 is a premier software and network security company.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

Hammer + Sickle is a relatively new imported russian vodka. 
----- Created at Monahan-Rhee -----

Kinlin Grover is real estate company based on Cape Cod.
----- Created at Monahan-Rhee -----

Development Marketing Group is the internal marketing organization for Trump Tower Chicago.
----- Created at Monahan-Rhee -----

Global Lung Transplant Alliance is bringing new, life-saving technology to organ donation and transplants.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

Psymetrics is a pharmaceutical company focused on mental illness.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

Eagle-i is the online community for researchers within Harvard University's network.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

Doreve Nicholaeff is a residential architect on Cape Cod.
----- Created at Monahan-Rhee -----

Green Edition is an environmentally friendly publishing platform by Courier Books.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

SPC is an on-demand printing business based in Vermont.

Needham Bikes is a cycling safety organization based in Needham Massachusetts.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

CareScout is an elder-care advisor that helps families make informed decisions during difficult times.
----- Created at Weymouth Design -----

Pickles & Honey is my wife's healthy living blog. Check it out here.

LA LiVE is the premier entertainment venue for the Los Angles. It is the home of the LA Lakers, the famed Nokia Theater, and Farmers Field, a state-of-the-art sports complex.

----- Created at Duncan/Channon -----
The Affective Science institute is devoted to the study of human emotion. As a matter of course psychologists and neuroscientists collaborate constantly at the institute and so the identity reflects that collaboration by marrying the silhouette of a brain with Neckers' Cube illusion.