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MAny things that I have made for the hell of it
weird object I found on the road one day. Figured It would be fun to do a sketch of it.

something I made as a joke for a good friend. Still gets a laugh or two when I show it to others

ancient Hollow Tree in stanley park.

Not sure if anyone is familiar with Alestorm, but I made this as fanart for them. Still quite beautiful whether or not you know the band. No copyright infringement intended.

Taken from Maurizio lacono and Jean Francois Dagenais, this is from the group known as Kataklysm. The particular lyrics are from their piece titled "The Ambassador of Pain". No copyright infringement intended, this is fanart

This is a speech/viewpoint of mine I wanted to throw together and make use of. I called it "The Etiquette of Life"
family dog, lady
pen tool practice/speed test stuff. took this from an old tchaikovsky album and basically practiced my contour-work from it
quote by oliver holmes