Various Design Projects

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  • Self Promotional Design
  • COCO Chocolate Convention
    Flyer, poster and informational CD
  • Manageable Marketing- postcard mailer and envelope
  • Manageable Marketing- back of postcard
  • Exhibitor Media Group- Cash for Show Directories
    Advertisement in Exhibitor Magazine's August 2009 issue
  • Unique Containers- Identity
    Stationery, Envelope, Business Card
  • Unique Containers- Identity
    Business Card
  • NutriPlus Industries- Identity and Branding
    Stationery, Envelope, Business Card, Informational brochure, and product line
  • Poster Entry for Eau Claire's 32nd Annual Wisconsin ArtsWest art show
  • Poster Entry for the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire's 18th annual Research Day