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  • VANILKA /  SNGLR 013
    — Art Direction, Branding & Website Design.
  • Fashion is one of the most unique ways an individual can express creativity. We jump every time we get to work with such a business and, -in Vanilka's case- the results are phenomenal.

    Singular was approached to develop the brand for the young atelier but our involvement expanded way beyond that: Advert campaigns, photo-shoots, print ads, stationary applications & art direction became part of our daily lives.
  • The Vanilka typogram. Clean & understated.
  • Graphic pattern developed for the 2008-2009 Spring-Summer season.
  • The Vanilka brand has developed over time. These are examples of various logos used for different seasons.
  • Stationary elements include business cards, letterheads, invoice & sale tags.
  • Invoice detail.
  • The Vanilka sale tags have evolved over time. Examples from the 2008 & 2010 seasons.
  • Sales tag detail.
  • Vanilka tags applied on garment. Positive & negative variants.
  • A branding manual was developed for better understanding of Vanilka's logo applications.
  • Graphic pattern developed for the 2007 season applied on fabric.
  • A myriad of postcards & flyers have been developed over the years.
  • The Vanilka Website. Work in progress.