Vanguarda Exibition III Lights Flow

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  • Exhibition Piece: Light and Darkness

    My art piece represents the idea of light and dark. What most people think when they hear those two words is white and black. What I wanted to change was that it doesn't have to deal with those two specifically but that it has to deal with good, bad, light in your heart and the good and bad things held in your heart.

    With my piece I am showing the idea of energy that is both light and dark and how they both flow with one another and how the human heart is connected to it.

  • Illustration / Ian Vicknair


  • Dimensions: 8x11.5
    Color: "675a63" "F5F5F5"
    Key Words: Heart, Ball, Oval, Light, Energy
    Elements: Bubble, Liquid, Heart, Skull, Light, Room

    Information On Project: The idea of the exhibition is to show the contrast between these two elements may have to work very light, darkness or both. (Wikipedia 1 2)

    My Idea: From reading the research I decided to take elements (words) from the context and implement it in my artwork. Things like lines, color, contrast, paints mixed together, color of point. I also wanted to make this look a bit like a painting based on the textures. Paintings that use darkness to create lading lines and voids. With these shapes its designed to draw your eye around the image to show shadow and perspective with the elements in place. I mixed it with my style which deals a lot with oval objects and movement of liquid and other objects.
  • Details / Digital Close Up
  • Close Up Print / Photograph
  • Show-Case / Frame
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