• Vandal Jackpot
    João Castro // Tae Da Royal Styleselecta
  • Vandal Jackpot was the intervention that I had the chance to execute on Galeria Dama Aflita, to be on stage during August 2010, during the summer break, making the gallery approachable to the street public through the massive glass window, continuing its graffiti-filled surroundings.
    Being the first street-art approach ever made in this gallery, I loaded my guns to make a transition between my graffiti and wheat-paste work with my presence as a Graphic Designer.
    Vandal Jackpot is all about the holy monster diet street-wise tale, through paint and stone, in wich the city games make the audience love the graffiti writter, making the vandal go jackpot, in a high standart art casino.
  • Location: Galeria Dama Aflita, Porto, Portugal
    Photo Credits: Ana Areias & Karina Alves.

    Da Royal Styleselecta © 2010