National aquatic stadium, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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  • [for Koppert+Koenis architecten en planners, IJsselstein, the Netherlands]
    project architect (cooperative) : Klaas Vermaas
    Built 2006

    Built to accomodate the European swimming championships and to seat 3000 spectators, this stadium features a 50m competition pool and a 25 m diving pool. It has separate high-tech training facilities for top sports swimming and diving. 
    Green banks and roofs integrate the mass of the stadium into its natural setting.
    Its link to an existing pool and leisure complex insures permanent and efficient use for various groups.
  • Third party video animation 
  • Main Entrance and cafetaria terrace
  • Cafetaria interior terrace
  • Main entrance water feature by Stan Elings landscape design
  • Public ramp from entrance hall to walkway level continuing to grandstands
  • Swimming club clubhouse and water rescue society home building; walkway continues on the left.
  • Walkway interior. The walkway is built over the stadium changing rooms and looks out over the outdoor recreation area.
  • Walkway entering the stadium hall. Offices for officials on the left. Rainwater retention pool in the foreground.
  • Stadium shell follows grandstand contour. Split along the side creates room for the technical plant under the bleachers. 
  • Stadium interior. Window strip at an angle admits daylight without ausing reflection.
  • Stadium interior
  • A custom design diving tower was part of the brief.
  • Top sport training facility. Camera monitored training pool and  dry jumping facility; athletes fitness center to the left.
  • Interior design and finish of dressing rooms hallways and showers. Transparency, simple designs, limited colors.
  • Freehand sketch of final design
  • Exterior on recreation ground side. The grounds and open air recreation pool are linked to the stadium.
  • The green roof of the training facility links the mass of the stadium to its surroundings.
  • Early design proposals
  • Early design sketches

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