Vampire Bats/Habits

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  • Fig. 1: A harem of Vampire Bats. Vampire Bats are unique because of their sense of familial bonds and at times in order to save a starving member will regurgitate blood for them. The harems are mostly made of females but usually have a few resident males, and at times they are so kind to let in non-resident males for communal purposes.
    Fig. 2: An enormous amount of industry has been formed around the droppings of bat’s, also known widely as guano. It has a high nitrogen content and in turn is a great fertilizer for plant life. Balls like this one will be rolled up by Dung Beetles on the cave floor.
    Fig. 3: The white blood cell is an aggressive blood cell used to eliminate intruders of the body. Vampire Bat’s have what is called hematophagia or a need to feed on blood, due to it’s high protein and lipid content, as well as being more naturally abundant and easy to acquire than other food sources.