Value Water Today for Tomorrow

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  • Use a coin to turn on the tap
    or to open a bottle of water
  • Value Water Today for Tomorrow:
    This project is a submission for the RSA competition (Valuing Water).

    The RSA Brief:
    Design a means of better communicating and/or revealing the inherent value of water so that people improve their understanding ofwater as a limited natural resource and a commodity.
    The Solution:
    I have made a connection between the following objects:
    1- A tap is most commonly used to freely access water as, and when required.
    2- A bottle has a cap that requires turning to access water, similar to a tap that needs turning on.
    3- A coin represents money and value.
  • Where and How?
    My concept is for a piece of ambient media to be positioned in public conveniences with the theme being continued on a bottle of water. A coin would be required to activate a mechanism that rotates the tap or cap to access water. A sticker would be placed near the tap and a label on the bottle would direct the user and enforce the message, ‘If you waste water today, in the future you may have to pay’.
  • Overview - The tap and the sticker
  • Closeup - the sticker
  • Tap - Steps
  • Second medium - The bottle and the label
  • A copy of my sketch book
    Hani Douaji