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  • Valdivia, is an ecuadorian food company, concerned about environment, health and good living.
    fresh fruits and vegetables, 100% Natural.
  • Fruits (Black Label)
  • Fruis and vegetables (color label)
  • Back Design detail
    I noticed that in most brands, the legal information, regarding to ingredients, company info, etc. didnt usually
    have a strong design work , and usually was focused on the front, which is the one that faces the consumer
    in the shelf. I wanted this project to be different, maybe making it better using typography and common sense,
    which I rather call: graphic design. I actually found no legal restrictions to design the back label this way, and I was pretty amazed, because of the fact I was believing I was gonna find several limitations on the development, but I didnt. Its incredible for me, the places where we can find design, theres still a lot more to explore without letting legal and brand limitations turn you down.
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