VW Toureg's Ridiculously Long Showroom Spec board

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  • Great options come standard in the VW Touareg
    The Challenge
    Volkswagen wanted to change their current position as the 5th most considered German automobile to the number one in Dubai. 90% of shoppers end up purchasing a VW when they take it out for a test drive so we decided to highlight all the awesome features that some standard in the VW and entice potential shoppers to consider the Touareg.

    The Solution
    We highlighted all the great standard options that come with the all-new 2012 Toureg on a ridiculously long specification board.
    The Results
    We got people talking in the showrooms about the Toureg and ultimately, to book test drives. More importantly, we showed them the actual value of a Toureg, versus it's competitor, in big and beautiful words.
  • Showroom spec sheet highlights all the options that come standard in the Touareg by exaggerating the spec sheet's size.
  • Actual copy on the showroom spec board