VTB24 bonus program identity

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    'Collection' is a loyalty program for credit cards holders issued by the VTB24 bank, one of the largest banks in Russia. The program participants receive bonuses for their purchases which can be exchanged for excellent gifts.

    The brand of VTB24 is traditionally perceived as a strict, professional, and pragmatic one. Still, the same perception would hardly be the advantage for a loyalty program.
    The main task was to find and embody the new, lively, emotional, and attractive image of the program, but to connect it strongly with the identity of other bank communications. 


    A market research had resulted in the bonus program positioning:  "The opportunity to fulfill your cherished dreams". Neat conciseness of the sign reflects the optimistical and simple character of the new brand.
    The calligraphy elements of the visual system create an easy and festive mood because every gift 
    is like a little holiday.
    The catalogue of  the program comprises over 5000 gifts, so every client will surely find something attractive.

  • Made in PLENUM brand consultancy (www.plenum.ru)

    Creative team:

    Leaders of the team: Ilya Lazuchenkov, Tatyana Haritonova
    Account manager: Pavel Nesterenko
    Strategic research: Katya Palshina
    Art-direction: Egor Myznik
    Designers: Yulya Glushakova, Alena Sedyakina
    Copywriting: Roman Urban