V.Raheja, 78 W. Expressway, Brochure Design

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  • 78 W. Expressway, Vijay Raheja Design Construction 
    Brochure Design

  • V Raheja Design Construction is one of the most trusted brands in the realty industry.
    78 W. Expressway is the latest property from VRDC to become an iconic part of Mumbai's skyline. We employed business-like precision when designing the property's brochure: minimalist, with iconography to reflect the architecture and bold typefaces and colours such as red and black to symbolise the corridors of power. Bold silver foil stamping lends luxury and sophistication to the brand.

    With Agency : VGC
    Awards:  Winner at the Great Indian Realty Awards 2013
  • Barricade design. 78 W. Expressway is a commercial property. Larger than life installation of office files were conceptualized for the property. As an when the property was sold, the name of the company would appear on the files.