Vote Earth

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  • 'Vote Earth' motivated 1 billion people across 88 countries to switch off their lights with a simple idea - Your light switch is your vote. As the world's first global election, we asked the world to switch off their lights as a vote for Earth, not global warming. With 1 billion people switching off their lights, the votes were presented to world leaders including President Obama at the International Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, as a mandate for political action against global warming.

    Cannes Gold Lion: PR (2009)
    Cannes Gold Lion: Outdoor (2009)
    Young Guns Gold Bullet: Digital (2009)
    Young Guns Gold Bullet: Digital (2009)
    Young Gun of the Year Award (2009)
    Young Gun Agency of the Year (2009)

  • Below: Directed by Syd Garon with artwork from Sheppard Farey and StudioOne. Voiced by Cate Blanchett with music by Coldplay. This was the official film for the Earth Hour campaign - Vote Earth 2010.
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