• This is a project we did last year for Politecnico di Milano. 
    We had to design a magazine about alternative energy sources.
    Our main concept was to put everything in an historical perspective, showing how some of the energy sources we now consider as "alternative" were once the most common, showing how the future could get and finally showing the present as just a point in a long evolutionary process.
    The parts about the past have a yellowish background and make use of b/w images, drop caps and a rigid grid.
    The parts about the present have a white background and use mostly photos and some little infographics with a more complex and versatile grid.
    The parts about the future have no fixed background colour and are completely based on infographics.

    Our greatest influences were "IL" (monthly magazine of the newspaper "Il sole 24 ore"), "Monocle" and "GOOD".
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