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Lets talk visual book of standards!
Let's talk visual book of standards!
Logo design was intended to be simple, suggestive, clean and strong. Red colour was picked among many as adominant visual presence.
There are several versions of logo branding depending on the occasion, medium, position or event.
Position statement is not mandatory.The ending of the primary logotype was design as a stylised handsfree device, and can be used as a stand- alone logo, tough only in the primary color.
These are the primary examples of unacceptable uses of VIVO logotype.The wordmark should never appear atless than 0.125˝. The logomark should never appear at less than 0.5˝The elements of the visual identity should not deviate from the official specified choices. 
Company signiture is very importantTrough it the company reaches the public. There are several versions depending on the medium in question. 
Poster advert.