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  • VIRAL CONTROL aims to open our eyes to the manipulation that our thoughts and actions are subjected to constantly. The arrow, one of the oldest symbols found in most cultures, has been taken to symbolize this subliminal control. It is a familiar fixture which we follow blindly. But does it deserve our unquestioning trust? Is it not often the case that the arrow misleads rather than leads? This photo sequence strives to provide fresh impetus for more personal responsibility, then we not only have the right but also the obligation to call into question whether the path we have taken is the right one. It is not only as consumers that we are led astray by relentless enticements. Demagogues exploit this mechanism. The more people there are who blindly swim with the tide, the more difficult it is for the individual to resist being swept along in their wake. Constant vigilance is imperative and every step we take must be carefully considered.
    You will find the complete photo sequence and further details on the website which has an English-language mirror.