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    Building the adventurous brand for kid
  • Kids are symbols of creativity, always being active and curious about the world are their special characteristics. To them, the world is full of "wonders" that need to be explored. With deep understanding of consumer characteristics, we developed brand idea and brand image for TOMELI – a snack brand for kids – by creating three “brand characters” - To, Me and Li who accompany with the kids in the adventures to discover wonders.
    Equipped with special vacuum drying process technology (which is unique in Vietnam so far), Vinamit assures the retention of nutrients of fresh fruits in their dried fruit products. This helps to bring trust and comfort to consumers when choosing the special snack products that offer highly nutritional quality. 
We developed unique brand image design that creates differentiation and at the same time conveys clearly and profoundly the brand's message: the nutritional quality of product offerings along with entertaining features of the brand characters.