• (Industrial & Interior)
  • Villa de Patos is a family business founded in 1980, looking to provide noble, natural and healthy products. Juices, cheese and mexican sweets alike are produced by using traditional planting and free-range techniques, with special care towards the environment and the people inhabiting it.
    For the Villa de Patos store in Saltillo, the idea was to replicate the brand's philosophy by using materials that express tradition, purity and simpleness. The lighting for it was designed based on a very basic grid and leaving the fixtures exposed.
    Given the nature of the space, the furniture was conceived to provide optimum flexibility, allowing for multiple configurations within the store. Product displays still play a principal role by presenting them an individual manner, each with their respective id tags.
    Given that this store stocks more products than other branches, a larger customer-care bar was needed – one which would be capable of displaying even more products – and also interior and exterior sitting areas.