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  • VERNEMECIT Logo Rationale


    In keeping with the reputation of the truly inspirational scientific-fiction writer Jules Verne, the logo depicts a new futuristic typography design which portrays an out of the box creative style for the organization.


    Media | Entertainment | Communication | Information | Technology

    It is the arrangement of the first letter of the above terms. This portion of the logo brings out the
    versatility of the organization where it shows that it’s not merely creativity but its well thought out
    creativity in action. Also shows the organizations ability to cater to different types of client requirements.


    Blue - The colour blue is used here to bring out the new age technology which forms the core of the

    Green - The colour green shows that the organization is environmentally inclined and takes into
    account the various impacts from the environment when making decisions, which is key to success in
    such a volatile business environment.


    Arial - Also known as Sonoran Sans Serif was used for simplicity, clarity and lucidity. The uniqueness
    of this font is that it is pleasing to the eye and extremely relatable to anyone. This is an ideal font to
    utilize to build a lasting corporate image.


    The dark and light squares at the bottom of the logo are more than merely a design element. It depicts

    V and M in Binary form, which keeps in line with the organizations’ IT Orientation. Further it
    demarcates the competition by giving the company a futuristic facet and the face of a new digital

    V - 1010110
    M - 1001101

    Dark color squares - 1
    Light color squares - 0