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  • VALVE  Urban Exploration Photography Magazine
  • This magazine was created in the editiorial and editon course of Andreas Liedtke at Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, winterterm 2011/12. The idea is to combinate two differnt urban cultures, urban exploration and graffiti, under one section. By the art of phtotography the combination works. So the magazine became a photography art magazine of contemporary photography. Next to several established photographers of graffiti- action-photography, like Ozkar or Alex Fakso, Valve is showing young and not so famous artist non-lower talented skills.The mag comes with strong and magical photos and alot of space to present them. With the art of the artist you´re able to read interviews, reports and stories behind the photographs.

    This issue includes Alex Fakso, Ozkar, UrbanWounds&Dr.Drewboy, Disturbanity, TheTopNotch, Zukunft 1984, Dr.Baab&Rule van Sabben, Crack the Surface and Alexander Romey.

    Stay tuned to follow further issues.
  • More Photos will follow!