• VALUES! Trend Diary 2013
    The search for new ideals characterizes our generation. But which values  and virtues are still relevant
    today – religious, moral, spiritual or personal?
    The 2013 Trend Diary presents design projects exploring the theme of "values."
    We feel that in the course of the change instigated by the digital revolution, our view of a clearly defined, shared value system is increasingly fading. While design for "material values" is loud and ever-present, ethical values that paint a picture of belief, family, virtues and moral ideals are drowning in the modern media excess. The Trend Diary, in the format of a desk calendar, assembles inspiring works of design by 53 designers of different cultures. Design that conveys values in message and function, provides guidance or aids us in our quest for meaning. Design that shows us that values are the most valuable thing we possess.
    In keeping with the trend set by previous award-winning issues from the EIGA Trend Diary series, the publication showcases a special focus on experimental typography and groundbreaking graphic design. The designers at EIGA have developed a unique typeface whose characters are composed of continually rearranging elements – just like society's understanding of shared values. Furthermore each calendar week features an individual composition corresponding to the designer's contributions while still following a consistent overall design principle.
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