VAINILLA N°2. Made with Love.

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  • Vainilla n°2
    Made with Love.
  • Vainilla n°2 is a small family business that deals with high quality catering service.
    Recently Vainilla n°1 was born, a luxury brand of biscuits.
    I worked for both of the lines of this company from the very beginning: I created the naming, logo and all the Branding and Identity.
    The result is a line that communicates passion for cooking and at the same time luxury.
  •     Business Cards. Material: Plywood. Technique: laser cutting.
  •     Labels for a line of biscuits specially created for a perfumery shop. Material: paper. Technique: laser cutting.
  •     Promotional " food" posters to be displayed during the catering. Material: candy and glue. Technique: screen printing.
        This is one of a series of posters printed ​​with sugar, cinnamon, lavender, tea and coffee.
  •     Cookies' labels. Material: beer paper by Gmund. Technique: laser cutting.