"VACACIONISMO" Custom lettering for campaign

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  • Promotional campaign of the tourism in the Comunitat Valenciana, Spain.

    The advertising agency PUBLIPS asked me to work on the lettering for the logo "Vacacionismo" and different slogans or tag-lines. 
    The word Vacacionismo derivates from "vacacionista" that in Spanish means a person who travels for the enjoyment of holidays, that's a holiday-maker. So Vacacionismo could be translated as holiday-making. The letterings are meant to be used in all the pieces of the campaign, which tone is was funny, distended and daring. The agency considered that a calligraphic solution could work perfectly.
    Early Brush pen sketches
  • I tried different tools like brush pen and pencil, also mixing lowercase and uppercase, to make a difference between the logo and the slogans.
  • Brush pen sketches: 1/ Logo in lowercase 2/ Slogan in upper case
  • In a second phase, I also proposed to work in the other way around, the logo in uppercase and the slogans in lowecase, this proposal was finally approved.
  • Once the logotype was digitized, we tried different slogans. The first digitization of the logo was combined with a slogan in upper case. The final slogan was 'es Comunitat Valenciana" in lowercase, and in one line.
  • The two final versions: in Spanish (Top) and in Valencià (Down)
  • Final solution in use