Urban Planning TOD Panoramic Installation

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  • Group project with Urban Planning student
  • Our purpose was to create a panoramic display that allows views to interact in multiple ways and to experience the notion of a central point within a community. Our project stresses the idea of a central point, a vibrant community and the coexistance of residential and commercial elements. Through infographics we will communicate the basic information of a T.O.D. community. We will also create a way to generate interaction between our project and viewers. Through a general statement such as "With the $__ I save on gas because of the walkable community, I would _________." viewers can generate personal responses.

    The main message we wanted to share about transit oriented development was: T.O.D. creates a high quality of life through a vibrant, livable neighborhood centered around a transit station encouraging a residential and commercial community.

    Displayed during First Fridays on May 4th in Kansas City with group members Stephanie Roche and Stephanie Joffe.
  • Final display
  • Inside panoramic display
  • Inside, type zoom 1. Hand-painted lettering
  • Inside, type zoom 2. Hand-painted lettering
  • Viewer interaction with display
  • Elements of outside the display
  • Process photos
  • Digital image of interior & the magnets that went on the exterior
  • Process poster