Urban Intervention

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  • Forget-Me-Not Water Spot
    An Urban Intervention
  • Urban Interventionism can be defined as public or participatory art through which publics constitute themselves and experience something extraordinary in the process. Artists working in this vein often utilize outdoor video projection, found objects, sculptural artifacts, posters and performance events that might include and involve passerby on the street. The goals are to create new awareness of social issues and to stimulate community involvement.
    The Forget-Me-Not Water Spot can be found in any public area where you might find a drip, slosh, dribble, over-flow or leak of water. Did you know that a faucet that leaks 1 drip per second wastes 3,000 gallons of water each year? If you weren’t aware, this campaign is for you.

    THE WHO: You! Each Water Spot is meant to be transported by the first person to pick it up. That human is then responsible for placing it in another drippy area for it to grow.
    THE WHAT: A forget-me-not by origin means “true love.” Even its name, raises awareness fo rthe cuase. Therefore, in adoration of your environment, take the time to replace these tiny blossoms in places where they will put otherwise water to good use.
    WHEN: From the moment all 100 of these potted flowers are planted around town, the movement has begun.