• Finally, after 6 months of hard work I can share with you this project.

    The reality seems to be a stream of appearing and disappearing objects. The way we see and analyze them depends on how, and from where, do we look. We often forget about what lies behind the banal statement that everything is relative. I did this project in collaboration with Dorota Dobra Kobieta Boruń. We point to the ambiguity of objects using geometric shapes and elements of the urban fabric encountered every day. 

    This project draws our attention to an interesting feature of reality: the difficulty of the delimitation between the object and its background. And where is the boundary between the viewer and that what is seen? How did modernity change our seeing of things? 

    Photos were made in urban spaces, using analog technology.
    photo & retouch: Tomek Albin
    set design: Dorota Dobra Kobieta Borun