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Visually portraying the urban aesthetic of Auckland city through film.
I have learnt to appreciate the Aesthetic qualities of a city whilst everything else continues around me. Urban Aesthetic // Auckland City looks at the way in which design influences every day life and how some people simply pass it by. This video shows my personal view of the city, portrayed by a combination of visual effects and colour correction to show the street aesthetic and urban culture of Auckland.

Filmed at 59.94fps with a Canon 7d
Edited with Adobe After Effects CS5
Colour Correction Final Cut Pro x
Composed with Final Cut Pro x
Slow motion effects created with Twixtor
Rain made with Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Form Plug-ins
Lenses used: Canon EFS 15-85 mm, Canon 10-22 mm
Music by Glasser - Tremel (Jamie XX remix) [edit]
© Adam Wouldes 2012
For Academic Purposes