Upside Down (Faces)

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  • Upside Down (Faces)
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    This project
    is part of a broader artistic research based on the concept of Identity, both in its psycological and phisical sight (the face, the body, what rapresents its outward appearance).In this work I wanted to bring together two sides that characterize Photography and Art: one isits value as a document and the other is the creative possibilities that it offers.

    These portraits
    are made with an aesthetic that recalls the didactic photography used in the firstscientific-police departments and hospitals, which we have now in our ID-cards. Together with thisway of photographing a subject, which aims to bring along the most informantion possible, there isa creative side, made through a digital process.

    The faces
    are joined with their own nape (in differentways according to the single person) and are both visible at the same time, a sight that is impossibleto have in real life. This act of "merging" creates a surrealistic effect, where the people watchingthe photos tend to move the eyes from one side to the other, without finding a fixed place, a sightthat can give a whole vision of the face. Here document and fantasy are brought together, playingwith the thin limit that characterizes photography. We are here between reality and a the way the artistcan use and modify it with its own will.

    Davide Tremolada, 2012.

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    Copyright, Davide Tremolada, 2012.