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Photos from the trip around the upper west coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula.
A close friend Nick invited me on a quick 4 day trip around the upper west coast of Michigan's lower peninsula. Michigan has so many different amazing places to visit. 

One fast growing new industry in Michigan is the breweries and wineries. To many people look to europe for quality products but the truth is that Michigan seems to put more heart and soul into their beverages these days. A few months ago I seen a list of the top ten beers and 3 were from michigan. Many thought at least 3 other Michigan beers should had been on this list. Recently well crafted beers are seen on the same level as wine by many younger adults. 

We visited both Sleeping bear and Silver lake sand dunes. A winery, distillery, and a few breweries. Final day of the trip we stopped at Frank Lloyd Wrights May house in Grand Rapids sadly too late to take the tour inside.