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  • Conceptual design based on the city of "Zora" from the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. This design is based on my own interpretation of the city of "Zora". The traveler in the story memorizes each and every detail about the city so perfectly that after a period of time the city disappears in his mind. For me it is like a blackout effect when someone studies for an exam and when you actually take the exam everything is gone or erased. Therefore my concept was based on "deconstructing" until something disappears. I decided to wrap 10 wraps around a clear box and each wrap has one sentence of the story on it. The more you unwrap (deconstructing) the package the more you read from the story but also the text on it starts to overlap more and more. The purpose of that is that the text disappears more and more until everything is white and later clear (disappearing). The last sentence on the clear box says: "The earth has forgotten her," which states that nothing is left.