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  • Exhibition Catalog & Poster
    School project for Iceland Academy of the Arts & the Living Art Museum
  • For this project, I was assigned to make a exhibition catalog and a poster for a fictional exhibition at the Living Art Museum (Nylo) in Reykjavík, Iceland. The exhibition would cover the graphics works of Dieter Roth

    The result is a clean cut catalog/folder for general usage by the Living Art Museum. Nylo archive has a vast collection of artwork from Icelandic and international artists around the world and my catalog is both an exhibition catalog and an archive.

    Acknowledgement from the Icelandic Graphic Design Association in 2011
  • A2 poster for the exhibiton, The artwork used are the graphic works of Dieter Roth. The poster for the exhibition works also as a wrapping paper for the exhibiton catalog.
  • The poster is here wrapped around the catalog.
  • Simple 4 hole binding, the cover is folded in and out to hide the fittings. 

  • The poster can be neatly placed in the catalog folder.
  • I decided to go for minimal layout to eliminate clutter and add focus to the works of the artist.