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The photographic style of unsharpness.
The art of unsharpness as a photgraphic style.
This was a seminar project over a half year. Starting out with the theoretical approach how blur, movement and unsharpness developed through the photographic history. Started by the multiple exposures of
Etiene Jules Maray in the early days of photography and comparing the art of unsharpness he achieved to artist of our time like Pep Ventosa. Taking old masters of photography like George Davison, Peter Henry Emerson and Anton Giulio Bragaglia and their use of the unsharpness technics and putting them side by side with Michael Wesely, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Bill Jacobson shows how this style of photography changed and can change the way we see photograph in our perfect and sharp world. Since the modern approach is to deliver the most accurate and sharp images possible, disputing the unnique art of unsharpness was a great experience as a young photographer.
The six shown works were created as a practical work to the in the seminar project discussed style of unsharpness.