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An unofficial attempt to bring the QANTAS airlines logo and identity into the modern age.
I have had a lot of experience with travelling with the Australian airline QANTAS and have found their logo recently dated and very traditional compared to other more recently re-designed airline logos. Thus I have attempted at re-desiging the QANTAS logo, unofficially of course. Overall these designs still keep with the traditional design of the kangaroo and red triangle but also feature a stronger influence of aboriginal art in the identity and colour coded class levels.
This image shows the basic identity re-design featuring the re-designed logo and incorporation of Aboriginal art. The re-designed logo features the 'flying kangaroo' larger than previous with the tail sweeping and curling out of the triangle. The logo also features a 3D sense with shadows and gradients. 
This image displays my re-design on the left and the current logo and identity on the right.
First Class identity re-design features a 'premium' coloured or 'platinum' coloured logo and a unique Aboriginal art piece as the style. 
Business Class Identity re-design features a gold triangle and unique aboriginal art style.
Premium Class Identity re-design features a red/orange triangle and unique aboriginal artwork.
Economy Class Identity re-design features the basic red triangle with a unique aboriginal artwork. 
Though basic I believe these conceptual changes would bring the QANTAS identity into the future.