University of Virginia Library Annual Report

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  • University of Virginia Library Annual Report
    University of Virgnia Library annual report, 2011. Title and concept based on the principles of genetic recombination and the four common mechanisms of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which serve as the chapter dividers. Designed at Design Army.

    Client: University of Virginia Library
    Art Director: Pum Lefebure

    CommArts Design Annual ('12)
    Applied Arts Annual ('12)
    SPD 47 (Medal Finalist)
    Gold Addy, DC Ad Club ('12)
    Gold, Art Directors Club of Metro Washington ('12)
    Print Regional Design Annual ('12)
    HOW International Design Annual ('12)
    Coupe Design Annual ('12)

    Images © University of Virginia Library. Please do not reproduce without consent.
  • A short-sheet cover visually establishes the concept with a bizarre visual pairing