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    World Heritage
    Logo Proposed
  • The purpose of participation in the competition "University of Coimbra – World Heritage ” is to develop an image capable of meeting the needs proposals. In the segment of this line of thinking, there was a need to develop a unique and versatile image and a strong relationship with the candidacy for UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Concept

    The search for a strong concept and capable of responding this competition, comes three keywords associated with the University of Coimbra, they are,"science," "knowledge" and "learning." These three words are the result of the translation of the Greek word 'Mathema" which means mathematics was important in this line of thought, 
    as go against the main concept.

    In this line of thoughts, there is a finding of fact relative importance to the concept; the University of Coimbra and the Fibonacci sequence were in the same century.This historical fact is supported by the fact that the number "8"(eight), wants to be associated with the University, at its eight faculties(Letters, Law, Medicine, Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Economics, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Sport Sciences and Education Physics),whether there is a connection with the Fibonacci sequence.

    In a brief explanation, the sequence of Fibonacci it is a set of numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3,5, 8, 13, 21, ...) which follow one or logical rule defined by Leonardo Fibonacci in the sum of the two previous number leads to the next number inother words, is a sequential and constant development that can metaphorically be adapted to the concept of the logo. The turbulent history of the university was progressive and followed a sequence of events, these events, which are part of the university's history, following an evolution that should be honored as a World Heritage.
  • Colors

    In terms of colors, the colors used so current that are part of the identification of each faculty. This choice reflects the symbol in order to group all colleges in one logotype, with the objective of demonstrating unity and each college's candidacy to be part of the University of Coimbra World Heritage.

  • Typography

    In reference to typography, font Perpetua was used because of their diversity in the thickness of the various letters will provide a dynamic that we intend to demonstrate this candidacy.

    The Perpetua is a serif font used to pass the values ​​of being a university strong, dynamic and with an extremely rich history, as you can witness in its buildings.
  • Logo
    Versions Colors and Black /White